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The people who know me a bit also know that I love computer games. Lately I’m more and more into RPGs. Recently I started playing The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, which even beats the high standards set by its predecessor. However I don’t want to evaluate the game, others have done it already. I rather talk about the control.

The game can be controlled via keyboard but you can feel that they put a lot of effort into enabling control by a controller. Unfortunately the game is only calibrated to the Xbox 360 controller, and by default it doesn’t work with Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2. So I thought I give it a try to make it work. (Note: the Cordless Rumblepad 2 is most probably replaced by Wireless Gamepad F710.)

It is also possible to make it work with the Xbox 360 controller, but you need some kind of an emulator for that, and I just didn’t want to bother with it. Rather I created a profile in Logitech Profiler which works pretty well, and knows even a bit more than the default controller settings.

The software needed is the one which comes with the controller, version 5.10.127, but I’m sure it works with other versions as well.

So here is the detailed layout:

Profiler Default keyboard layout Default Xbox 360 gamepad layout
Movement Left stick* W, S, A, D Left stick
Camera movement Right stick Mouse
Run / Walk Right bottom btn Left Shift
Fast attack btn 2 Left Mouse Button X / Square
Strong attack btn 3 Right Mouse Button Y / Triangle
Dodge btn 1** Space A / Cross
Block Right top btn E Right top btn
Lock on target Left bottom btn Alt Left bottom btn
Additional weapon D-Pad N (up) R Right bottom btn
Cast Sign btn 4 Q B / Circle
Adrenaline D-Pad S (down) X D-Pad Up
Sheathe weapon 0 D-Pad Down
Steel sword D-Pad W (left) (also sheathes) 1 D-Pad Left
Silver sword D-Pad E (right) (also sheathes) 2 D-Pad Right
Next sign btn 9 3
Next item 4
Cast Aard 5
Cast Yrden 6
Cast Igni 7
Cast Quen 8
Cast Axii 9
Medallion Left analog btn Z Left analog btn
Quick menu Left top btn Left Ctrl Left top btn
Special action / Center camera F Right analog btn
Show / Hide HUD H
Character attribute D-pad SE C
Inventory D-pad SW I
Journal D-pad NE J
Map D-pad NW M
Quick save F5
Quick load F9
Exit btn 10*** Esc Back

* The left stick can be used to move up and down between items in the inventory, in menus or in choosing the line to say. (Note: small push up or down usually moves two lines, a full push moves one. Wasn’t able to fine tune that.)

** Button 1 works at most places as the OK or Select button, i.e. when placing a bet or acknowledging the chosen line to say. It works even at some places where you would need to hit Enter, although not everywhere.

*** Button 10 can be used everywhere to Exit or close, i.e. closing the map or journal, etc.

You can download the profile from here. (Downloaded [downloadcounter(The_Witcher_2.zip)] times.)

To import it start Logitech Profiler, from the Profile menu choose Import…, search for the downloaded file and double click it, then click on Browse… and look for the program file of the game, which you should find here by default:

C:Program FilesThe Witcher 2binwitcher2.exe (using 32 bit Windows)
C:Program Files (x86)The Witcher 2binwitcher2.exe (using 64 bit Windows)

In order to make it work you either need to start the game from the Profiler clicking on Play The Witcher 2, or Profiler needs to be open while running the game.

Enjoy slaying monsters!

PS: If you have a better layout or any comments, feel free to share!

Assassins of Kings, controller, Cordless Rumblepad 2, Logitech Profiler, The Witcher 2, Wireless Gamepad F710


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