Long story short: if you are ordering from Europe and you want the US English layout then order the International layout from the Logitech website. Code is 920-002932.
For the story, the picture and a tip for saving 20% continue reading. 🙂


Since I received a lot of questions regarding the code / layout matching I created a separate post for that. You can find it here.

So the story goes:

For long I have wanted to have a Logitech K750 solar keyboard. I decided that after a certain event, if the event turns out the be positive, I will buy one.

Well, the event turned out to be positive, so I was ready to order. But the big question was: which layout?

Since I’m Hungarian the obvious answer is Hungarian layout, but short chat with Logitech support revealed that they have discontinued it. (I believe they only wanted to produce it, but they didn’t. It was never available in Hungary. 🙁 )

So then I decided that fiiiiiiiine, US English layout will be just as good. I went to the Logitech website to check and place an order. I clicked on “put in basket” and then I needed to choose the layout. English or International??? Because I definitely don’t want UK English but it doesn’t state whether it’s UK or US. And the International is what layout?

I started browsing the web based on the product codes (920-002929 and 920-002932). All I got to know that the one ending with 29 is the UK layout. But didn’t find anything on 32. And after a while I got a whole bunch of results from South African webshops. 🙂 But still no picture of the correct layout.

That is when I contacted Logitech chat support and they confirmed that Hun layout doesn’t exist and that 29 is the UK layout. Plus the 32 is Intl-NSEA. I didn’t find anything on ‘NSEA’ on the net so I took the risk and ordered the International layout. Worst case I thought I will send it back. And after three long workdays and a weekend it arrived! And it was … GOOD!!! 🙂 In fact, I’m typing this post on it. Need to get used to the different distances between certain keys (i.e. arrow keys) vs. my previous keyboard, but I have to say it feels good. 🙂

The details of the layout:

So indeed, the International layout is the slightly modified US-English layout. It has 105 keys vs. 104. (I counted it myself. 🙂 Doesn’t include the on/off switch and the solar app button.) The extra key is the one between the left shift and ‘Z’ marked with ‘|’ and ”. Other difference is that the enter key is high instead of wide thus moving the original ‘| ‘ key down between the shortened enter and quotation mark / apostrophe keys. The rest is all the same. Check the picture for a photograph of the layout.

All in all it is perfect. I just wish it was a backlit keyboard. 😉

Here’s a useful link to the different layouts: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyboard_layout

And the long awaited tip:

If you already own a Logitech product then register it under http://register.logitech.com. You will get a coupon code which is valid for 30 days and it gives you a 20% discount on your next purchase in the Logitech webshop!

Finally, a recommendation to Logitech:

Please make it more clear to the users which layout is which (i.e. UK-English, US-International). Best would be including a picture with the different layouts.

The pictures:

920-002929, 920-002932, k750, layout, Logitech, solar keyboard, US English, US International


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